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Dear Cherry Kiwi

Child Care, Protection, & their best interests. Promoting welfare, education, & rights of children. Saving Indian Family Values. 

Gujarat Police

Empowering Police, Forming Citizen Friendly Police Services. Focus on The Police Welfare, Research, and Development. 

Online Complaint

Get assistance to resolve complaint online against government, police, and brand. File Cybercrime complaint, FIR and RTI online with us. 

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Startup Entrepreneur

Startup Entrepreneur Guarantee Program. “India’s First NGO – Empowering Entrepreneurs Without Risk.”


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Start, Run & Grow Your Business Now.



Core Features

Individual Focus

To bring reforms, grassroots change is essential. Individual development human rights and welfare is our primary concern.

National Reform

Reforms that make a gradual change in certain social aspects of the society, ex. Healthcare, Education, Poverty elimination, child care.

Policy Influence

We monitor & evaluate government policies, how it impacts on society and citizens and advocate & influence policy development.

Economic Reforms

Empowerment of SME’s & entrepreneur is an essential focus to generate sustainable livlihood & employement in rural and urband areas.

Result Oriented

Our program focus on end result and emphasis on the productive outcome, not mere training, education, and delivery of theiroes.


We comply with all government rules, regulation including Income Tax requirement. We are passionate about honesty and integrity.

Become a Volunteer


Join us to solve India’s biggest issues.


Real Experience

Get exposure to real issues.


Get recognition

Certificate of Participation


Chances of Perks

Letter of Recommendation, Awards, Flexible Hours etc.

World-wide Opportunities.

You can be a part of this reform movement and Join any of the program run by our NGO or help us to meet our funding or social goals. Full-time, Part-time, Online, Work At home openings.


Help us to solve biggest problems of India. Your donation will help us to build safe, prosperous and developing India.



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