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Karnav Shah is a founder of JivanamAsteya NGO. Karnav Shah has grown through what he has gone through. He worked with Baptcare.org, an Australian based-NGO where he was given a task of aged, disability, dementia and palliative care and, later he was promoted to a Team Leader. Despite he was selected in one of the world’s top 50 universities in Australia, he dropped out from the university and changed his career towards the legal social work due to his life-changing experience with Baptcare.org.

Returning to India, he realized that the issues he learned about in Australia are different to the present issues India is facing. India is the fastest developing economy and quality of the life of people has been improved, however, people living at the bottom of the pyramid are still underprivileged and often abused.

Access to an adequate healthcare facility and legal aid is expensive and fair justice has become inaccessible to the victim. The government has introduced a number of reforms however the grassroots government employee and community require to be enhanced by positive training, necessary intervention and support.

Children are also vulnerable from domestic violence, the parent’s custodial battle, and sex trafficking.

India is a young nation, however, this generation requires resources, training, and support to push up their start-ups which eventually create employment and boost economic growth, meanwhile social innovation and social entrepreneurship is an essential element of ever-growing entrepreneur generation.

Strengthening India family, customs, values, and culture were never so important than this time. We as a society witness abuse of matrimonial laws to satisfy persona ego or gain.

Education, training, street school education, skill development, social justice, and empowerment are also important areas to work. Most of the NGO work in the areas where individual focused is compromised, and the operations are donation-grant oriented. However, at JivanamAsteya Organization, we focus on individual problems and the problem of communities and public at large.

Overall, While India is developing, it has its own social, economic and national challenges which demand to be addressed and resolved. At JivanamAsteya Organization, we take up this challenges and encourage people of India to join us in this noble movement of change for happiness, peace, respect, and prosperity of citizen, consumer and people of India.

That karnav shah has learned from his life experience If he is not going to ignite reform and change, how could he expect others to do so. He has quit his job and business and initiated social campaign through an NGO and satisfied himself with limited personal monetary resources while donating everything to an NGO for a greater social goal. He believes, Criminal Justice System, Law Enforcement Officers, Social Schemes, Education and Child Welfare, Protection and Best Interest with economic development with equality are the primary challenges of our generation to live and grow safe, secure and inclusive growth and happiness.

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