Have you booked your house on EMI or DIARY basis? Or have you not yet received possession of your house? Did you get fewer amenities than you were promised?

Whatever is the case, your legal rights are at risk. Generally, Builder carries certain bold reputation that a house owner hesitates to initiate legal action. On the other side, legal advisor and lawyer are not always equipped with a specific procedure that serves affordable and timely remedy to the house owner.

If you are denied for possession or builder demand extra money for sale deed registration, you have legal right to drag him to court and court will safeguard your rights. So what are those rights? Are they civil rights? If yes, then you must have heard that civil cases take many years.

Our opinionĀ is No for Civil Proceeding but Consumer proceeding. You do not require a lawyer to present your case and in fact, consumer court in India are consumer friendly. There are steps to follow to address your grievance, such as, initiate phone talks with Builder, If he has not responded you then write him Legal notice (you don’t need a lawyer to write legal notice however, it is advisable if you can hire expert in consumer matter) and after serving notice, you can submit evidence of your grievance with notice proof to consumer court. That’s it. The court will issue builder a notice and most likely you complaint will resolve.

Furtherance to that the consumer may file Criminal Complaint depending on the merit of his complaint and We at ChintalessNagrik.com made Filing FIR easy with our full fledged support. Police in many cases refuse to file FIR or take complaint however delay in register FIR or investigate complaint due to influence of wealth class but when a consumer show patience and courage, it is easy to penetrate barrier to file criminal complaint. Consumer can also get compensation from court for the time, mental harassment and other loss that they have faced.

The shocking part of the consumer grievance story is that they make full payment and takes a loan, however, the builder gets a default and file insolvency whereas the consumer is unable to recover their monies and bank recover their monies lent to the builder. This is the pathetic situation of consumers however it is expected that RERA act will give broaderĀ consideration to consumer issues.

Expenses involved are less than 1000 Indian Rupees. We highly recommend to use our services to redress your grievance here. It is a risk free service. And We are like-minded consumer-citizen who have vision to empower Indian people, to safeguard their citizen-consumer rights.