Citizen Friendly Police

GPRD Program focuses on the training, welfare, and support to the basics rights and education of the police and law enforcement officers in order to motivate and enhance their work satisfaction. We are INDIA’S FIRST NGO that has initiated work in the direction of police welfare, health, family welfare so that they can perform their duties without additional stress in the interest of justice and citizen.

Police Welfare

Delivering practical support, counseling to a police officer on their work and family related issues to find a resolution.

Research & Development

Training to law enforcement officer on various legal issues and enhancing communication with citizens.

Police Rights

Escalation of rights of a police officer who has been falsely implicated in crime to restore citizen’s faith in the police.


Focus on the Police Welfare, training, Health, Family issues to rehabilitate them or energize them to provide efficient and effective citizen services.
Empowering Police and Law Enforcement through Police Research, Welfare and Development activities to form Citizen-Friendly police.
  • To conduct Research and Development activities for the modernization of Indian police force and supply report to the concerned authority.
  • To offer to coach, mentoring and counseling services to the police and their families in order to resolve their family to work related crisis and conflicts.
  • To become a voice of victim police and law enforcement officer who has been misrepresented and falsely implicated in unlawful or unethical activities to restore their right and position through necessary investigation, escalation, and reporting process.
  • To make citizen-friendly police and create awareness among citizen and police about mutual support, respect, faith, and cooperation.
  • offer cyber crime, legal matter training to a police officer and provide training to a grassroot police officer regarding complaint taking, the response in juvenile and women related cases and enhancing their communication skills.
  • Other Police Welfare, Awareness and Training programs.
  • To participate and work with similar goal sharing NGO, Police Department, and Government agencies.
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Citizen-Friendly Police



Awareness and educational program for police about domestic and international terrorism, cyber crime, public safety, Juvenile Justice, communication with citizens and more.

Police Welfare

Which includes counseling to a police officer and their family members to resolve their social, economic and career related issues and enhance focus on police duties.

Police Rights

Which includes assistance to a police officer who is falsely implicated in unlawful activities, to provide him moral support and restore his social and work position through series of steps.


Reporting to Government

Which includes research and development activities, investigative report that we forward to the policy maker, law maker, and government department to amend the law or make the exisiting law effective.

What We Do

Citizen's Safety

By the way of making police equipped with training and knowledge, we enhance their communication and services to the public, that minimizes painful experienced with police service.

Empowered Police

We build the ability and confidence of Police and their organizations to protect citizens. We help them to reduce their personal life stress and offer training to help citizen better.

Awarness Program

We organize training and awareness program for citizen, press, and police to build and grow mutual cooperation, respect, and knowledge to overcome emergency and crisis.

Policy Maker

We report to Government, High Ranked Police Officer, and Policy Maker to amend police manual or their practices to respond to emergency situation effectively through our programs & reports.