How people get over their fears is one thing but the fear of death itself usually is very difficult to overcome. Older people in my family fear it and it is inevitable and elusive. The fear of the unknown is tremendous, one wonders why there has to be growth, envelopment and then a sortie like that especially if the road, there is brutal instead of sudden. I am saying this aware of the fact that suffering before dying is itself a traumatic experience. Sudden death would mean that at least there wasn’t that much suffering.
Then the person should who is afraid is usually someone who doesn’t want to leave anything behind. There is a great discomfort knowing that what one has accumulated in life cannot be taken with you, that worldly possessions are only as good as you are living.
But some people are so overwhelmed by the need to get somewhere that they fail to see that all that is temporary and that the reality is that sooner or later they will have to meet their maker. The quest for a better life is what life is for most of us. It is as if we all have ambitions to get ahead and fewer in comparison want to stay behind in oblivion. Still, one is faced with the shroud at the end of the quest whether we like or not.
So to get over the fear I would not sweat the small stuff or rather I wouldn’t take life too seriously. I would just get on with living and not dwell on the dark stuff, if it is going to happen it will happen. There are many opportunities to get ahead and yet there are so many obstacles sometimes that death is actually quite trivial to the sum of all that. We will never actually know what it will be like to die unless of course, you are one of those lucky enough to awake from an unconscious sleep and see yourself dying. Even then I am referring to the final bow and not the state of unconsciousness and reawakening that happens from time to time. Appreciating the world around you in all its splendor and diversity should help to overcome the fear of the unknown and fear of something as infinite as death. It helps to have some sort of spirituality; I think that would help alleviate some of the problems afflicting those who have no family or who need to turn to something, which offers comfort.
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