Dear Cherry Kiwi

Child Care, Protection & their Best Interests


Juvenile Crime

158% rise in rapes by juveniles and increase in other crimes such as murder, theft, and molestation.

Children's Right

Estimated 20,00,000 children lose their childhood on the streets and 47% girls in India married before they turn 18.

Child Vulnerability

Domestic Violence, nutritional deficiency & neglenct harm minor’s mental development.

Program Overview

Child safety, their well being, and their best interest are core value of our program.

To protect, nurture, advocate and promote Children’s right to survival, protection, development, and participation.

we want every child to be able to say: “I am safe. I am educated. I am heard. I have a future.”

  • To provide and spread primary, secondary & higher education by establishing and/or collaborating with schools, colleges, institutions, libraries, research in the education field.
  • Rehabilitating and providing education, shelter, and food to economically backward, child laborers, disabled, orphans and semi orphans.
  • To help develop children’s confidence and a program where children can value themselves and others through play.
  • To provide opportunities for a creative and imaginative play where children explore their own identity and help build their self-esteem.
  • Protect and promote the best interests and welfare of children and young persons and enable them to overcome social problems through economic empowerment of individuals, families, and communities;
  • Support implementation of the provisions of child-rights protection instruments (1993 Hague Convention, 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Promote, encourage, or assist any measures such as education, skills-building, instruction, awareness, and advocacy calculated to improve conditions of family life.
  • Establish, facilitate and/or assist temporary places of safety for children in need of care and protection.
  • Co-operate or work with government and organizations/persons with similar objectives to those of Dear Cherry Kiwi.
  • To educate child care, school, teachers, society, police, media, and judiciary to deliver quality education, therefore, to help them to resolve their professional Versus personal issues that may impact child welfare, education, and rights.
  • Ensure protection, care, and development of child-headed families.
  • To provide medical & financial assistance to the differently abled children.
  • To advocate rights of the children such as the right to life. the right to security of person. the right to freedom from torture. the right to freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. the right to be separated from adults when charged with a crime, the right to speedy adjudication, and the right to be accorded treatment appropriate to their age.
  • To advocate Freedom of speech, Freedom of thought, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of choice and the right to make decisions Ownership over one’s body of children.
  • To advocate, protect, care, educate and safeguard children from and on issues or conflicts such as but not limited to; Abuse & Violence, Trafficking, Child Labour, Conflict with Law, Child Marriage, Child Sexual Abuse, Without Parental Care, Street Children, Birth Registration, Armed Conflicts, Disability, Drug Abuse, Girl Child HIV – AIDS.
  • Social Media and other campaigns for the promotion of child rights and care.

We are working with businesses, Families, NGOs, Government, Children and the community to create Care and Protection Support center for children.

Our visions for children, families, and carers is to create purpose built state of the art centers where children can access the support they need to develop strong secure connections with safe and reliable adults in their lives. Our focus of the program is also to provide effective rehabilitation, guide, and support to a juvenile delinquent. Social Awareness and Campaign is implied part of our program for the promotion and protection of children’s rights.

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Rights of the Childerns

Right to Survival

Which includes the right to life, the highest attainable standard of health, nutrition, and an adequate standard of living.

Right to Protection

Which includes freedom from all form of exploitation, abuse, inhuman or degrading treatment and neglect including the right to special protection in a situation of emergency and armed conflicts.

Right to Development

Which includes the right to education, support for early childhood development and care, social security, and the right to leisure, recreation, and cultural activities.

Right to Participation

Which includes respect for the views of the child, freedom of expression, access to appropriate information, and freedom of thoughts, conscience, and religion.

What We Do

We Help Children Heal

On their own, children do not recover from the devastating impact of abuse, neglect and family violence. They need specialized support to heal. We provide care to children.

We Keep Children Safe

We build the ability and confidence of individuals and organizations to protect children. We provide parents with education and support to help them raise happy, safe and loved children.

We Stand Up for Children

We advocate for changes to laws and policies that help to make all children safer. We work to strengthen community attitudes that prioritize the rights of children to love and safe relationships.

Creating Understanding

We educate and support adults who look after and work with traumatized children to be better able to understand and respond to their complex needs.