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While striving hard for customer service Flipkart increasingly facing customer complaints and few of complaint may be serious as consumer become frustrated and raise his question online to a various forum. is a #ConsumerCitizen Forum who take an initiative to empowering rights of Indian Consumer and Citizen by the way of resolving a complaint against Brand, Government, Police Officer Online and helping them with a filing of FIR.

As a Part of our constant endeavor to Participate in the RECOGNITION, PROTECTION, PROMOTION, ADVOCACY, ENFORCEMENT and REGULATION of rights of #ConsumerCitizen Of India, will launch online #ConsumerCitizen Forum (Forever Free) for Brand, Government Department, Police Department, NGO and other Agencies to resolve complaint of Consumer, Citizen and their Users. Consumer and Citizen would also be able to become a member of the forum to raise their query and support from other members to initiate legal and social campaign when their grievance remains unresolved. We would also encourage Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, International Agencies, Media to participate in the forum to encourage ethical and moral Investment and to analyze social return on their investment or donation made to startups, brand or Government projects.

Please find below reply that we have submitted on Quora for Public/ Consumer Interest and linked for the same has been submitted.

You may file your complaint online with us at File Complaint Online against Police, Government, Brand. File FIR Online With us.

Here are steps you should consider while filing a complaint yourself:

1. Report their Customer Care about your grievance by email and intimate them to resolve your issue within 3 days.

2. If not resolved, write them a notice stating unfair trade practices and another subject as apply to your case and send them notice under consumer protection Act. Write about your transaction detail and grievance in the notice, however, ensure your notice remain formal, to the point. Moreover, inform them how their poor services caused you mental harassment and demand compensation and to resolve an issue within 15 days otherwise you will approach consumer court. Wait for another 15 days to resolve an issue and if it remains unresolved then approach consumer court. Consumer court is Consumer friendly and reasonably helpful.

3. Create a free blog, facebook page, group and post all facts and evidence regarding your issue. Spread your story online. Use SEO friendly words. Use #Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find the best word so maximum people can read your story.

4. Write the same story on a major online forum such as #mouthshut etc.

5. Write a public petition and get maximum people to sign it and when it reach to 50,000 members send it to consumer affair department, CC to

6. Add your story to google review and other review sites of Flipkart.

7. Issue press release and submit to major newspaper editor online. The more you emphasize on your cause, more you get likes, promotions, and support.

8. Find VC and Investor of Flipkart and write a letter to them for ethical investment.

9. There are many other steps you can take including legal, social steps. you can involve and engage Government, International Organization in your cause to stress on Flipkart to act ethically.

10. Criminal Action under cheating, fraudulent, breach of trust may be initiated, depending upon the merit of the case under section 406, 420 of IPC and section of IT Act (Cyber Crime) may further apply. Seek Legal advice from your lawyer on it.

To resolve your complaint against the brand, you may visit and we do the same job efficiently, aggressively and tactical way. It is risk 100% free. We are highly Experienced, Focused, Expert and Result Oriented.

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We advise to escalate your issue directly with Brand and reputed brand are more concern about their reviews given by customer online. When you are not happy with the resolution, you can approach for a legal-social campaign for justice.

You can also buy this book to help you with all consumer complaint related issue practically here: File Consumer Complaint without Lawyer: A Solid Guide to Contest, Resolve & Win Your Consumer Court Case like a Pro in India. 

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